Ateneum Bistro serves museum visitors and foodies in general classic Finnish bistro dishes with a modern twist. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some salad, white fish with a Finnish way or a burger in an iconic environment and be sure you’ll get what you ordered Ateneum Bistro is the place for you. Our chefs have put their own twist on some classics, for example, traditional Finnish salmon soup.


We want to provide visitors with the possibility to enjoy a quality lunch and dinner when visiting Ateneum Art Museum. We also serve customers from outside the museum, for companies near the museum Ateneum Bistro provides a fresh new lunch option. The art museum serves classics with a twist, and so do we.


The restaurant serves lunch and dinner as well as coffee and small savoury/sweet snacks according to Ateneum Art Museum’s opening hours.


Afternoon Tea

is one of the finer parts of British food culture dating back hundreds of years. This delightful tradition is often looked upon as a small afternoon delight to get you going until supper and customarily consists of sweets, small savory bites like sandwiches and the staple of British identity - a nice sturdy pot of tea.

Why should the British have all the fun, right? We wanted to bring the concept of afternoon tea into the 21st century and the picturesque Ateneum art museum. Think of our afternoon tea as a peaceful (and tasty!) oasis in the hectic bustle of the world, a small moment in which to treat yourself.

Afternoon Tea 36€/2 ppl

8 savory, 8 sweet bites and 2 teas

Pick a selection of four teas to accompany your savory and sweet bites served on a tiered tray.

Please contact us if you have some allergies.

Unfortunately we can't serve the Afternoon tea vegan or if you have many difficult allergies.

Must be booked in advance!

Afternoon Tea serving times:

Tue 14-17

Wed-Thu 14-19

Fri 14-17

Sat-Sun 11-16


Salmon soup + salad 14,20e are served from the buffet every Saturday and Sunday between 11-->. Also a'la carte courses are available!

The kitchen closes at the latest 1 hour before the restaurant.

À la carte


Toast Skagen L, (G) 14,90€

Rapuskagenia, paahdettua leipää, kananmunaa ja sitruunaista vihersalaattia

Shrimp skagen, toasted bread, egg and lemon-seasoned green salad


Lohikeitto L, (G) 14,90€

Perinteistä kermaista lohikeittoa ja tummaa leipää

Traditional creamy salmon soup and dark bread


Nordic Salad L, G 13,90€

Salaattipohja, leipäjuustoa, lakkahilloa, paahdettuja juureksia, sitruskreemiä,

valkoviinivinaigrette ja paahdettua mantelia

Salad, Finnish squeaky cheese, cloudberry jam, roasted root vegetables, citrus crème,

white wine vinagrette and roasted almonds


Savupororisotto L, G 15,90€

Risottoa, timjamilla maustettua savuporokreemiä ja parmesaania

Risotto, thyme-seasoned smoked reindeer crème and parmesan


Pasta Rosso L, (V) 13,90€ - Lisää kananrinta +4€

Pastaa, punaista pestoa, pinjansiemeniä ja parmesaania

Pasta, red pesto, pine nuts and parmesan

- Add chicken breast +4€


Juustolautanen 12,90€

Kolmea vaihtuvaa suomalaista juustoa, lakkahilloa ja ruislastuja

Cheese platter. Three different Finnish cheeses, cloudberry jam and rye crisps

Assam Black Tea

Organic Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea

Sencha Pear - Organic

China sencha & Himalayan green tea, marigold

Oolong Pumpkin Chai
Pumpkin, honey, chocolate, cinnamon, spices

Blueberry - Organic
Hibiscus blossom, rose hip, apple, elderflower, orange zest

Sea Buckthorn
Black tea, sea buckthorn, cranberry, lemongrass

Rooibos Winter Tea
Rooibos, orange, cardamon, rose pepper, cloves, vanilla

Opening hours:

MON closed

TUE 10–18

WED, THU 10-20

FRI 10-18

SAT, SUN 10-17 (kitchen: 11-16)


MON-FRI 11-14

Afternoon Tea must be booked in advance!

Weekend buffet, a'la carte also available

SAT, SUN 11-16

Kitchen closes 1 hour before the restaurant.

Check exceptional opening hours: www.ateneum.fi/exceptional-opening-hours

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